Worry About Yourself

Whether it is food on the plate, activities engaged in, or decisions made, August has some good advice, that I think we all find it hard to head at times.

Worry about yourself.

Teaching others is a wonderful goal, but it’s not the same as bossing others or getting in the way of letting them make choices for themselves or find their own way.


Nooch News

IMG_1002webIf you have been reading The VeganAsana for any period of time, you have probably noticed that my recipes often contain nutritional yeast. I use it in so many things that I buy it in large containers and keep a shaker on the table.

So, if you are not a “nooch” (a little nickname it has developed) user, here’s the scoop.

Nutritional yeast is a fungi (Saccharomyces Cervisiae) that grows on molasses and then is processed and dried and sold in flake or powder form. Because it is a fungi, like mushrooms, it is a vegan food.

Nooch is not like baking yeast or brewer’s yeast. It won’t help your cinnamon buns rise or give you a great start on that home-brewed pale ale.

I mostly use nooch because it tastes so good. It has an umami flavor, sort of like something between nuts and cheese. It pairs well with many foods and imparts a bit of a creamy taste in recipes, as well as being a credible substitute for parmesan cheese.

While I like it mostly because it’s delicious, it’s also nutritious (though the amounts you’ll likely consume at one time are pretty small). Nooch naturally contains most of the B-complex vitamins, except B-12, selenium, and potassium. It is a complete protein. Most brands of nutritional yeast are also fortified with B-12, making it a full compliment of the Bs.

So, what do I use it in? It might be easier to say what I don’t use it in! You can find nooch in my Tunaught Salad, Vegan Lasagna, Cheesy Marinara, Tofu Loaf, Tofu Scramble, Fried Green Tomatoes, Breaded Vegan Eggplant, Cheesy Mashed Potato Soup, on Chickpea Nuggets, Fauxrito Kale Chips, and on Vegan Cheesy Move Popcorn. That’s not all, but I’m trying not to get carried away with this list.

You should try it. Really.


Go Back to Class!

A joke for only the coolest Internet dorks.

As my Facebook friends know, I have a learning thing. I love to learn new things.

In the past six months, I’ve taught myself to knit, learned to use Photoshop, completed a set of classes on digital photography (doing more of that now), started really learning about vegetable gardening, and toyed with the idea of starting reiki classes in the fall.

This spring, another person sought my advice about adopting a vegetarian diet, meal planning, and nutrition. And it occurred to me that I could better serve the people who come to me with such questions, and even work that into my future plans for The VeganAsana, if I completed some real training in nutrition.

My good spouse, who has tremendous patience with my desire to learn and learn again, gave me a “gift certificate” for Mother’s Day to start my classes toward certification as a health and nutrition consultant. Sweet!

So, now I’m back in class, studying calories (4 per gram of carbs or protein and 9 per gram of fat, by the way), macro and micro nutrients, FDA labeling laws, and the like. Most of it is a refresher for me, as I’ve been studying nutrition for a long time on my own, but it’s great to have this organized curriculum, and I’m learning tidbits here and there that are news to me.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about nutrition on this blog in the coming months, so stay tuned (ominous or inviting, you be the judge). ¬†And now, back to my books!