Bulk Freezer Cooking Vegan Style


I’m busily getting ready for a little down time at the end of May and beginning of June, so I am trying to make some double meals now and put one into the freezer. I’ve done three this week and have several more planned. I could be getting them done faster, but I’m trying to do this as I make the meal to serve that night, so I’m not adding a lot of time to my day getting it done. Here is what is on the list to make right now: Mexican lasagna Eggplant and brown rice casserole Faux-cheeseburger casserole … Continue reading

Vitamixing it Up with Breakfast Smoothies


I finally got my Vitamix. I’ve been yearning for one for a long long time. Now I have Glenda, the good blendah. And that means breakfast smoothies all the time. Woot. I’m gradually working out my smoothie making process. Right now, every weekend, I make several bags of fruit, seasonings, and protein powder and sock them into the freezer. Then, in the morning, I just have to grab some greens, blend them into soy milk (I do that first because I do not like chunks of greens in my smoothies), throw in a bag of frozen fruit, and voila! The … Continue reading

Hybrid Eco-Mat by Barefoot Yoga – A Good Choice for a Light Mat


Recently, Barefoot Yoga offered to send me one of their products to review for you. I selected the Hybrid Eco Mat, since I’m always looking for environmentally friendly yoga products. My full review follows, but the bottom line on this mat is that it’s priced right, very light, and would be easy to tote around; however, if you like a really sticky mat or a lot of padding and don’t mind spending quite a bit more for something more hefty, it may not be for you. The Hybrid Eco-Mat I received is a pretty color purple they called Violet. When … Continue reading