When Chronic Illness Feels Like Depression

Am I depressed or just sick? Am I depressed because I am ill? Am I ill because I am depressed? The National Institute of Mental Health provides the following list as signs of depression: Feeling sad, irritable, or anxious; Feeling empty, hopeless, guilty, or worthless; Loss of pleasure in usually-enjoyed hobbies or activities, including sex; Fatigue and decreased energy, feeling listless; Trouble concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions; Not being able to sleep, or sleeping too much. Waking too early; Eating too much or not wanting to eat at all, possibly with unplanned weight gain or loss; Thoughts of death, … Continue reading

Helping Your Friends and Family – The “Right” Way

I’m going a little off-brand today, though what I am about to discuss relates quite well to the concept of karma yoga. So, here we go. This has been a weird few months in my life, starting with an unexpected but serious health event at the end of June, which coincided with a setback in the treatment of a long-term health issue, and then was followed by a broken foot (I’m now at week 6 of crutches), and a nice immune-system malfunction requiring antibiotics that make me sick. Getting old is a festival, but it sure beats the alternative. I … Continue reading

Splendid Spoon – The Trial

A few weeks ago, I decided to give Splendid Spoon (http://splendidspoon.com – not an affiliate link). a try. I signed up at the standard cost and plunked down my money for a week’s subscription to show up at my door. And then I waited for my selected delivery day – Wednesday. The order arrived. Theoretically, it was food for 5 breakfasts/snacks, 5 lunches, and a day of soup fasting. They anticipate you will make something else for your dinner. Eating 3 meals just doesn’t happen in my life, so for me, this was going to be 5 brunches and 5 … Continue reading