Asparagus, Peanut Sauce, and Food Justice

I would like to start today’s post by saying that, while I don’t post much on this page about social or political issues, food is, in and of itself, a political issue. Food security is tightly wound with our societal responses to race and socio-economics. When we are sitting in positions of privilege, we need to consider how food insecurity threatens the lives and wellbeing of others in very real ways. While this can occur for individuals of all races, there are disproportionate effects on some. To read more about this, check out this backgrounder from Food First and all … Continue reading

Vegan Fauxage and Cheese Quiche

It’s faux eggs, other goodies, and pie crust. What’s not to love? For this recipe, I made a sourdough pie crust. But, you don’t have to do that! I’ve provided ingredients/directions for that below, but also ingredients/directions for a standard crust. “Standard” Crust Ingredients320g all-purpose flour1 TBSP sugar1 tsp salt170g (12 TBSP) cold vegan stick butter/margarine, cut into ¼ inch slices81g (6 TBSP) cold vegan shortening , cut into ¼ inch slices1/2 cup very cold water3 TBSP cold vodka ProcessMix dry ingredients.Cut in butter and margarine, until the mixture is like coarse sand (you can use a food processor if you have one).Slowly add … Continue reading

Basic Sandwich Bread

Sourdough is the bomb, but sometimes it’s not what you want for a sandwich or toast. As long as you can find a little packaged yeast, this is an easy sandwich loaf recipe. It’s mostly based on a recipe from Joshua Weissman. I’ll embed his video below! Ingredients 448g warm water 150g full-fat non-dairy milk (I used soy) 2 packets yeast 880g bread flour 42g sugar 3 teaspoons salt 84g or 6 TBS softened butter  Process Stir warm water and milk together and heat until 98*F Add yeast, a sprinkle of sugar, and stir to dissolve. Cover and set aside … Continue reading