Loosing My Mind

We have a little joke in my house.  Well, it’s not exactly a joke, because I’m usually pretty annoyed when I say it, but it has a joke history.  You know how people tend to select the wrong word when there are two words that are spelled similarly (like “then” and “than,”  “to” and “too”)?  One of those mistakes, that I see often online, is loose instead of lose.  “I hope I start loosing weight soon on this diet.”  So, when I get really stressed out at home, I tend to announce, “If ____ doesn’t stop soon, I will LOOSE my mind!”

The funny thing about that, I reflected tonight, is that my mind could use a little bit of loosening.  In fact, getting my mind to have more flexibility and not be quite so tightly battened down is a big part of why I do yoga.  I have a natural (?) tendency to be a little – or a whole lot, depending on who you ask – type A, to be very much in my head and not so much in the moment, to worry and obsess over self-presentation and performance.  I have a pretty tight mind.  And those announcements tend to come at exactly the moments when I’ve been short on yoga classes, often due to family or work responsibilities ramping up.  When I get a chance to get back in the yoga swing, my mind releases, unclamps, loosens, and I feel so much better.

Maybe it’s a new slogan?  Yoga – You’ll Loose Your Mind

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3 Responses to Loosing My Mind

  1. Not really about your post, but I have an online friend who always writes loose/loosing/etc. instead of lose or losing. Makes me kind of crazy every time.

  2. Love the slogan!! Yoga does make me loose my mind, even if I only get an hour a week, it’s a damn good hour. I also have funny words/sayings where I make up words, just have to be conscious to only use them around people who get it. lol

  3. Oh, the grammar police who don’t read this post are going to be all up in your stuff! lol.

    Language is another of my passions (although, perhaps something I’ve gotten lazy with over the years) and catchy mis-phrases like this stick in my head when I need them most. I expect the next time I’m stuck, this will pop up and give me a little freedom. So, thank you for that.

    And your post brings up the main thing with Yoga. Most people look at the great workout from asanas, never noticing the iceberg beneath that training the physical body gets them ready for. I don’t know why Patanjali wrote so many sutras when you’ve summed Yoga up nicely 😉

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