A Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Blog Round-Up

I love the Internet!  We have so much access to great ideas for how to create vegan feasts for the holiday season.  I’ve rounded up fifteen recent vegan Thanksgiving posts for you here and hope they will be useful as you get your feast on.  Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Giving Thanks for No-Harm Recipes at Elephant Journal

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes Galore at Karma Chow

Last Minute Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas at Oh She Glows

Thanksgiving Main Dish Ideas at Vegan Planet

A Vegan Thanksgiving: 12 Recipes that Could Change Your Holiday at Huffington Post

15 Vegan Recipes for Thanksgiving at The Family Kitchen

Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner at Veg Kitchen

Meat-Free Monday Challenge: Thanksgiving Edition at Global Animal

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes at Miso Vegan

Vegan Recipes from Mary’s Test Kitchen

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes from Forks Over Knives

A Vegan Vixen’s Guide to Thanksgiving Dinner

Plant-Based (Vegan) Thanksgiving Recipes (What to feed Herbivores at Thanksgiving) from Happy Herbivore

Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas from C’est La Vegan

As Seen in the Blog World: Must-Make Thanksgiving Recipes

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6 Responses to A Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Blog Round-Up

  1. Thanks! This is a great round up. I’m bookmarking for Xmas, too. We’ve got most of our TDay recipes planned, with a mix of vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore options. But, this list looks like it has enough choices to please them all and stay veg!

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