Collard Greens and Cabbage – Adventures from the CSA

We are participation in a local CSA again this year, bringing home a bushel of fresh, organic vegetables every week.  Sometimes, I know just what to do with an item, and other times I find the week going by and there it sits – unused.  This week, that was the case for fennel, collard greens, and cabbage.  Now, I must admit, I just pitched the fennel.  I know!  But, time just got away from me.  But, I was determined to use the collards and cabbage, so this is what I worked up (last night and tonight) and it met with success as judged by the spousal unit and children.

Sweet and Savory Collard Greens

2 bunches collard greens, washed, stemmed, and cut into medium pieces
3 T olive oil
3 T agave
Sea salt to taste

Coat a frying pan with olive oil.  Place the collards inside and toss to coat.  Drizzle with agave and sprinkle with sea salt.  Cook on medium until wilted.  Yummy.

Chili Lime Cabbage

1 head cabbage, cored and quartered
4 T olive oil
2 limes
Chili powder
Sea salt

Place quartered cabbage pieces on baking pan, with insides facing up.  Drizzle each with 1 T of olive oil and juice of 1/4 lime.  Sprinkle with chili powder and sea salt.  Bake at 350* until tender.

Easy recipes, but they worked out well!


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