Splendid Spoon – The Trial

A few weeks ago, I decided to give Splendid Spoon (http://splendidspoon.com – not an affiliate link). a try. I signed up at the standard cost and plunked down my money for a week’s subscription to show up at my door.

And then I waited for my selected delivery day – Wednesday. The order arrived. Theoretically, it was food for 5 breakfasts/snacks, 5 lunches, and a day of soup fasting. They anticipate you will make something else for your dinner.

Eating 3 meals just doesn’t happen in my life, so for me, this was going to be 5 brunches and 5 dinners, and then the extras spread out into the next week since I’m typically not at this location on the weekends.

I timed it pretty well, because shortly after I got the order, I broke my foot.
Oops. That was unexpected. So, it was good to have food around that I didn’t have to really think about to get a meal in. And, living on my own Monday to Friday, it wasn’t like someone was going to make dinner for me.

The food arrives frozen and WAY packed in ice. It could sit out for quite a while and would not thaw enough to be a problem. After you receive it, you can let it thaw in the fridge and use within a week, or keep in your freezer. The soups mostly come in bowls (with a few exceptions) and the smoothies in bottles.

I’m now finishing up my second delivery from Splendid Spoon and here are my general thoughts. The soups are good. I like to add some salt or salt substitute, nutritional yeast, or hot sauce to them. They tend to be a little bit bland, but are quite filling and the ingredients don’t taste over-cooked. The broccoli still has a bit of crunch, which is nice. I haven’t run into a soup that I really didn’t like, though the beet bowl was not my favorite. While they say that you can eat them at any temperature, I find that I prefer them hot.

The smoothies are ok. I prefer my smoothies to be pretty smooth and most of these have some sort of texture that requires chewing, whether that is coconut, nuts, or seeds. Because I don’t do the soup fast, and some of those come in the smoothie containers, I’ve been a little fooled a couple of times. I tried to drink a bottle of apple and parsnip straight up and cold and then gagged on the onion flavor.

Would I recommend Splendid Spoon? Yes, with reservations. It’s not inexpensive if you are using it for 2 meals a day and then adding a third meal, plus having 1 day a week that you have to have other food for. Since I’m supplementing only with a little probiotic stuff (yogurt and sauerkraut), some apples, coffee, and other drinks, and then some food on Saturdays and Sunday mornings, it’s not so bad. I’m also only getting a shipment every 2nd or 3rd week.

But, if cooking anything interesting for yourself is a struggle, this might be a good idea. And, there is no commitment, so it’s worth it to get a week and try. You can order once and stop, or keep going but skip any weeks you are not interested in.

Have you tried a food delivery service with vegan items? What did you think?

A Water Bottle More Square Than I Am!


Clean Bottle, a company that specializes in BPA free water bottles – in the past focused primarily on cycling bottles – recently contacted me and offered to send me one of their new Tritan Square bottles to try out. After researching the bottle, and the company, I agreed, and I’m happy that I did.

The company describes the Tritan Square this way:

The Square is the last water bottle you will ever need.  Its iconic shape prevents your bottle from rolling if dropped, while it’s wide handle is perfect for comfortable carrying.  Both caps use a simple quarter-turn twist to remove, and the bottom cap makes cleaning your Square easy, no matter what you may have left in your bottle.  The Square uses durable silicone gaskets in both caps to ensure a leak-proof seal everytime.  The Square’s elegant shape is sure to get you noticed, and don’t worry, it still fits in most cupholders.  Plus, the Square has an optional Water Filter or Fruit Infuser, so you can customize your Square to be perfect for you.

The bottle is 25 oz (.75L), is BPA free, and is dishwasher (top rack) safe. It also has a lifetime guarantee, which I love.

My Square arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been testing it thoroughly, to make sure that I could give you a good review.

What I love:

  • The bottle opens on both the top and the bottom, making it easy to clean out very thoroughly. This, to me, is the biggest sales point. I have thrown away more than a couple of water bottles because I was worried about what might be lurking in the depths.
  • The handle makes the bottle really easy to carry/grab. It’s so handy for running around campus with or taking a walk. I haven’t tried it, but I suspect you could use a carabiner to hook the bottle to your bag.
  • The infuser works perfectly and is easy to clean. So far, I’ve made lemon water, lime/mint water, cucumber/mint water, and cucumber/lime water. The only time any bits got into the water was when a mint leaf got pulled to pieces in my haste to move it along.
  • The colors make me happy. I have been trying out a green bottle, but I want an orange and a blue (school colors).
  • The twist on bottom and top seem very secure and there has been no leaking, even when the bottle did fall over.

What I less than love (but don’t actively dislike):

  • I don’t actually dislike the square shape. I just have no feelings about it one way or another, other than it is different. I guess if I was camping or otherwise doing things where I might be setting the bottle down on uneven surfaces, it might be more useful to me.
  • At the moment, I’m happy with the top/bottom quarter-turn locking. It does make me a little nervous, however, that it could get knocked loose in a bag. It hasn’t happened though. I’m keeping an eye on it and will report back if it does.

All in all, I really like this water bottle. My daughter saw it and wants one, so I suspect I’ll be purchasing some for upcoming holiday gifts (they have a Buy3Get1Free deal).

Clean Bottle was kind enough to send me 2 extra bottles to use as giveaways for my lovely readers!

Tritan Square Giveaway

Organizing My 2016 – Back to the Future with a Paper Planner

I’m an early adapter of technology. I love gadgets (see Apple watch on wrist). So, I’ve tried quite a few programs to do my to-do lists, brainstorming notes, etc., as well as calendaring and address book. It has worked well for addresses and calendar (which would be perfect if Exchange would play more nicely with iCal). But, for to-do lists, note making, and general planning, I haven’t come up with something that really works. What I want, ideally, is to keep track of what I need to do, but reduce the amount of needless fretting and spinning in circles. Additionally, taking notes on my iPad works well for group meetings, but for one on one meetings or small groups, I feel like a bit of a jerk doing that.

So, I’m moving back to paper for some things. I got a personal Filofax for Christmas and set about organizing it. I think I have it just about where I want it now. I’m sharing with you here to get any ideas you have on how you organize to get things done!


The Filofax that the Mr. got me is this red Saffiano beauty. And I’ve set up an adorable dashboard page (the post-it is just over my name) to go along with the pretty cover. Since the dashboard is laminated, I’m using the back of it to hold post-it notes and flags.

IMG_2176Behind the front dashboard is a section to capture random jottings that I need to file away later. I also have been sticking post-its that I write when I’m away from my planner to this section until I get them settled.

And then is the section that will likely be the heart of the planner for me, the to-do area. This section planner page (and all of the others, as well as the bookmarks) is laminated for sturdiness. I’m using some principles of the Getting Things Done strategy currently and have categorized the to-do lists by where I need to be to do them (@home,@work, @phone, @computer, @car). This section also includes a list of major projects going on, and a list of things I need to delegate to others.

I’m still working out in my mind the very best way to organize the to-do lists, and even simple things like whether I want to cross things out or check them off. I saw a system today that used 4 boxes for urgent/important, urgent/unimportant, non-urgent/important, non-urgent/unimportant (or something like that). That also seemed sensible to me, because my long lists don’t have much in the way of prioritization going on.

3865E74F-1D09-4B50-98C1-6BDAD962457DFollowing that part of the planner, I have an area devoted to lists of things that are not exactly to-dos, but still take a list form. I am a list maker from way back, so this section will also get quite a bit of use. Because I’ve been searching for the right way to take lists with the phone or the computer, my list making has been a little bit random of late, so hopefully this will help me get back into using them effectively.

To make it easer to find things within it, I have added bookmarks for meeting plans (items I want to include on agendas), waiting for (things I delegated and now am awaiting), someday maybe (things I would like to do eventually, but they haven’t really made it to the to-do list level yet, and shopping (no picture, but it’s a red-checked tablecloth pattern). Within each of these areas, I am expecting there to be multiple pages related to different contexts (like work, home, etc.), but I am planning on letting that evolve on its own as time passes.

Then comes a short section for notes. I suspect that I will end up taking most of my notes in a larger Daytimer that just has notepaper in it currently. It’s a bigger area for note taking and provides more room for storage. I have tried moleskins for note-taking in the past, but the binding tends to get in my way.

Then there is a section for jotting down media that I want to read/watch/listen to, purchase, or review. And the last section that I added is for records related to whatever. This might be receipts, expenditures, etc. I’m not quite sure yet.


The calendar pages follow. I’m mostly using them to jot notes of things that I want to do on specific days that I don’t have in the electronic calendar, or things I need to add to the electronic calendar. These pages will likely evolve and may end up as meal planning pages or an exercise diary. I’m just not sure. To reduce space needs, I just have the first 3 months of the year in the calendar for now.

I then have six dividers for the six most important or complex projects that I have going on at any one time. They are listed and numbered in the To Do section, but I have the breakdowns of what each project includes and additional notes in these sections.

IMG_2184 IMG_2185At the back, I’ve added a cute folder page and a binder clip to hold an additional pencil, since the planner only has one pen loop. While the folder page is cute, it’s a bit of a space suck because it is card stock on top of manila folder paper, so that may have to come out.

And then there is a notepad of paper. That was there to start with, so it remains for now.

So, that’s what it looks like right now. I would imagine that it will change over time, as I find out what parts are working well for me and what parts aren’t. At any rate, it was fun craft work to organize it and make the pretty pages!

What is your organizing method and how is it working for you?