Casual Yoga

At the moment, I’m vacationing in Indiana to see family.  Over the course of the last few days, my 20-year-old has coined the phrase “casual yoga” to describe the stretches or folds that I tend to go into when I’m sitting on the floor or just standing around for a long time.  He uses it to tease me “oh, just doing a little casual yoga again, Mom?”  He’s a smarty pants.  I think he views it as odd or even overly yogi-like, but I really barely even know that I’m doing it unless someone calls my attention to it.

Yoga asana has become enough of a part of my life that it is how my muscles remember to behave.  When I sit on the floor, half lotus is a comfortable position.  If my back is a little stiff, I’ll fold into a forward fold (not at a meeting or anything, but just hanging around the house).  If I’m standing for a long period, one leg will occasionally creep up onto the other ankle and I’ll barely see that it has.  The really nice part about this is that it means I end up getting in a little stretching on days when life is making it hard to get to a class.  The disadvantage, I suppose, is that I apparently look a little odd.  But, that’s really never stopped me before!

Do you find yourself sliding into yoga poses without even noticing?  Are you a victim of “casual yoga?”

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