What Do YOU Want from a Gentle Yoga Class?

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I am heading back into the yoga studio for a regular class again. This time, it’s a gentle yoga class (7:30 on Tuesday nights at Yogawood). I have taught gentle yoga quite a few times, but I have not had a chance to teach a regular weekly gentle class.

So, I have been thinking quite a bit about what I like and need when I take a gentle class and what others might want and need. Of course, the second part of that is harder to answer. I know that I want to do yoga that has a flow to it, doesn’t involve long held intense poses, and has limited inversions and no arm balances. But, I’m sure not everyone needs and wants what I do (as much as I would sometimes like to hope for that they will).

What do you want from a gentle yoga class? Or, if you don’t take gentle yoga, what do you think you want from a gentle yoga class?

Let me know below or check in on Facebook and let me know there!

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