Time to Reset

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Sometimes, life seems to wind up, or wind down, or wind around, in odd ways. I’m going along, minding my own business, with a schedule that I stick to and that works for me, and then there is a little bump in the road. Normally, I would hit the bump and then get back in the grove, but on these occasions, another bump happens quickly after, and then another, and another. And pretty soon, my schedule is so off-kilter that I can’t figure out how to get it back.

This has happened in the last two months. It seems like there have been many little bumps getting in the way of my “normal” patterns. April brought banquet season at work, with all of the commitments there that prevent as much time for family, yoga, and blogging. Then we started some home renovations that will be stretching into July. Then we had a couple of graduations going on, and the associated life changes there. My yoga teaching schedule shifted, creating an odd void in my life. I got some sort of virus that had me feeling gross for about a week and threw off my eating completely. Infusion time came around again, which always messes with stuff. And now we are ramping up for a trip to Indiana to see family.

The net result of this is that I’ve pretty much completely stopped meditating, my yoga classes have been down to 2-3 a week instead of 5, my home yoga practice is nil, Mr. VeganAsana and I have had no time together, I haven’t blogged in weeks, and my diet is a mess (veganism isn’t a problem, but I’m eating almost entirely carbs). On the up side, I’ve gotten a lot of little projects done around the house: bathroom painted, kitchen painted, stairwell painted, assorted caulking and grouting, large “crack in time” fixed and painted, all the bathroom stuff purchased, mirror basically installed in basement powder room – just waiting on one part, and new plants watered daily.

It’s good that some things have gotten done, but I’m not happy with what I’ve lost here. This suggests to me that it’s time for a reset. But, how to go about it? I know that it can’t happen until I get back from my trip, and then I have one more treatment and the July 4th holiday right after. So… after that… I’m hoping to:

  • Get back to a regular yoga asana practice – Classes on Monday night, Wednesday night, Thursday evening, Friday morning, and Saturday morning. Home practice on Sunday.
  • Get back to a regular meditation practice – 15 minutes each day.
  • Get my diet in order – reduce refined carb intake and increase fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Blog regularly – goal of minimum one per week for this site and one for elephantjournal.

Now, I just have to make it happen, right?

Do you ever just need a reset? What do you do to get yourself in the right place for one?

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