Thank you, YIOM!

The month-long celebration of yoga blogs, YIOM, draws to a close tonight.  It’s been an amazing month of blogs that made me laugh (and almost spray liquid from my nose), caused me to reflect, filled me with awe, and generally added to my every day.  I so much appreciate the intrepid bloggers that hung in there for a full month, blogging almost daily about yoga and what it brings to their lives.  Thank you so much, my friends!

We now transition to the YIOM network.  Blogs linked by the YIOM logo have grouped together to create community, network, share, and collaborate.  A full listing of these blogs can be seen at the new YIOM site.  I’m excited to begin this new phase, and thrilled that 21 blogs have already signed up to be a part of this experience, with more sure to be added as time goes on.

Blog on, yogis, blog on!

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