Donate and Feed Children

Coronavirus may be less severe for most children, but the virus doesn’t just impact them if they get it. Nationwide, children are going without enough food due to school closings. 

The problem is serious and widespread. For example, in Poughkeepsie, NY, in 2011-12, 90% of students qualified for reduced or no cost lunches. And, studies have indicated that this food is their primary food *for the day.* Through the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York, children have also been provided with a backpack of food for the weekend, as studies indicated that some were not eating – or eating very little – between Friday afternoon and Monday. In Philadelphia, over 75,000 children experience food insecurity. 

Some communities – including Poughkeepsie and Philadelphia – have been able to work up a plan to continue their food programs, but not all of them. And, due to economic impacts of this pandemic, more families will need support than ever.

*If* you can, donate to your community programs that fight food insecurity, or go to and help feed children in communities that don’t have adequate resources to serve children.

In Philadelphia, one local program that is accepting donations to fight food insecurity is

For Camden Counter, Gloucester County, etc. in NJ, you could donate to

In New Paltz, donations at feed hungry children in the region

In NYC, go to

And, again, a national site is

Bulk Freezer Cooking Vegan Style

frozenI’m busily getting ready for a little down time at the end of May and beginning of June, so I am trying to make some double meals now and put one into the freezer. I’ve done three this week and have several more planned. I could be getting them done faster, but I’m trying to do this as I make the meal to serve that night, so I’m not adding a lot of time to my day getting it done.

Here is what is on the list to make right now:
Mexican lasagna
Eggplant and brown rice casserole
Faux-cheeseburger casserole – done
Chili – done
Butternut squash soup
Split pea soup
Dal (curried lentils) – done
Breakfast casserole

I would like to do at least 5-6 more. What are your favorite vegan meals to freeze ahead for later?