Bulk Freezer Cooking Vegan Style

frozenI’m busily getting ready for a little down time at the end of May and beginning of June, so I am trying to make some double meals now and put one into the freezer. I’ve done three this week and have several more planned. I could be getting them done faster, but I’m trying to do this as I make the meal to serve that night, so I’m not adding a lot of time to my day getting it done.

Here is what is on the list to make right now:
Mexican lasagna
Eggplant and brown rice casserole
Faux-cheeseburger casserole – done
Chili – done
Butternut squash soup
Split pea soup
Dal (curried lentils) – done
Breakfast casserole

I would like to do at least 5-6 more. What are your favorite vegan meals to freeze ahead for later?

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