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So, I made pie today.  I made 2 pies in fact.  One is a pecan pie based on a recipe from the Millennium Cookbook.  That one might be decent, though I’m not feeling very good about the crust.  The other is from the path2prayer.com website and is pumpkin.  That one, I think, is pretty much a disaster.  I followed the recipe religiously (get it?), but instead of getting firm in the oven, it just kept getting looser, and eventually started “blowing up” as well.  At that point, I just took it out and let it cool.  I guess we’ll see tomorrow, but I’m glad I have backup store pies and will be making brownies in a few minutes.

My pie issues aren’t just with filling.  I have a very hard time with crust too.  Seriously, I need your pie crust tips!  Lay them on me!  How do you get a good flaky vegan crust?  How much butter-like product do you cut in per cup of flour?  How wet do you want the dough when you shape and roll it?

Meh.  I should have just stuck with breads and cakes.  Those I can do.  On the other hand, the tofurkey looks super delicious and I made 2 of those so we’ll have plenty of leftovers for sandwiches later!

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