One Tribe Harem Pants

Disclaimer – I received these pants from One Tribe Apparel in exchange for providing a review on The VeganAsana

A bit ago, I was contacted by One Tribe Apparel regarding their yoga harem pants. Since I had looked at the pants before, I pretty enthusiastically agreed to do a review! If the style is in your wheelhouse, these pants are pretty cool.

The pair that I received was the Peacock pattern in the Cabernet Red color. I hope you will excuse my lack of a full body image of the pants for you. That’s just not going to happen. But, if you follow the link above, there are many such images on lovely people.

Appearance – First, I will say that these are gorgeous pants. The fabric is really beautiful and vibrant. I love the burgundy color base and the peacock pattern. They have a gathered bottom and gathered waist band that is about 8 inches in height. The hips and legs are wider, but not Hammer-style pants wide.

Fit and fabric – The fabric is soft and relatively thin. On a winter day, I was glad I had on leggings underneath, even inside. While the pants are theoretically one size fits all, I have a hard time believing that this is the case. I think it’s probably more like one size fits many/most.

Utility – Because the material does not have any stretch, there are some limitations to a physical practice. However, the ease of the fit makes these pants workable for most poses or flows.

The retail price of these pants is $39.00. Right now, they are out of stock in the Cabernet Red of the Peacock print, but there are other nice colors and prints.

They are available at Readers of TheVeganAsana can get 15% off of purchases through this link.

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