Home Practice is Difficult

I have an admission to make.  I didn’t do a “real” home practice this week.  Sure, I did 10 minutes of seated meditation here and there.  I almost always do some seated stretches and standing folds at some point in the day.  And, I usually end the day with a little pre-bed asana.  But, I didn’t get to a dedicated full-on home practice.

So, what is the problem?  What is in my way?  I suspect that the things that get in my way are not unique to me, so perhaps a little reflection on what the blockages are is in order.

  • Time – Time gets in my way for home practice.  Currently, I have a vinyasa, yin, or teacher training class scheduled for every day of the week.  Then I have work Monday-Friday and every other Sunday.  Then there are family commitments.  It’s hard to find a good time to fit the practice in, and this relates directly to…
  • Prioritization – Going to class, cooking for my family, going to work – in all of these things I feel an obligation to others.  I feel like I have let someone down if they don’t get done or don’t get done well.  Guilt is a motivator for me (probably sadly) to be sure that all of those things fit into my day.  But, a home yoga practice is just for me – no one else.  So, it’s easy to push it aside and leave it for the “leftover” time.
  • Distraction – In a studio class, I can easily focus, because everyone there is doing the same thing and there aren’t competing activities going on.  At home, I can hear the laundry (that I need to switch over), the kids having that argument (that I need to solve), the whining dogs (that I should take out).  It’s insanely easy to come to the mat and then distract myself so much that I don’t really even get started.
  • Uncertainty – I’m still not sure what to do in a home practice.  When I do my home practice, I typically do a modified ashtanga practice, because it is all I can think of to do.  That’s fine, but I can pretty quickly zip through the poses I am “up to” in the primary series and have only done a very short practice.  I’m hoping that as training continues, I will feel more comfortable with my own ability to put together a practice for even myself.

These are the biggies for me.  I know I need to get past them, because it’s necessary for my own practice and for teacher training.  So, in the coming week, I vow to get’er done.

How about you?  What gets in your way for yoga practice at home?  Or, if not, what do you love about it?



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