Fun with Arms and Balance

This morning, in vinyasa class, we worked quite a bit on twists, in reflection of the spring and the bodily and mental spring cleaning that it seems to call forth.  We also did some balancing involving the arms, including tripod headstand, parsva bakasana, and tripod headstand (sirsasana II) into bakasana.  Every time I end up doing poses like this in class, I’m again amazed at how much joy I get from it, because it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was watching a Rodney Yee DVD and thinking, “OMG, I will NEVER be able to hold myself up on my arms” (or upside down).  It’s just more evidence that yoga helps you to peel away some of the layers from what you already are.

And, that’s all I have to say about that today, so here are some fab pictures of the aforementioned poses.  The first two are from Yoga Journal. I’m still trying to track down the source for the wide legged sirsasana II, but it sure is pretty.

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