Bathroom Remodeling Fun – 1

We’ve been having tons of fun (har) at The VeganAsana house with a bathroom remodel. So, that’s what has been eating up my blogging time. On top of that, my computer combusted and it’s a little harder to negotiate posts from a laptop right now (and a Mac), so I’m adjusting. I hope to get back to it before long. But, in the meantime, I thought I would share some remodeling pictures.

This is out bathroom before we started (and by “we,” I mean our great contractor/plumber guy and his team – all that we did was pick out the stuff, drive to Home Depot 1000x, do some spackling, and do lots of painting). Check out those exterior wall sconces, three part mirror, icky floor grout, snazzy vinyl shelf paper, and the peeling tub (our fault mostly for using bleach cleaner on cast iron). What you can’t see is the peeling at the base of the vanity and that there is no exhaust fan in the room.

I’ll spare you the during pictures. Suffice to say it was quite a mess. But, the way it looks after is worth it.

Thanks for dropping by and checking it out. Now “we” are off to start on the other bath.

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