You Are Such a Wild Thing

Today has been a little crazy hectic and I don’t have the time I wish I did for a really meaty post, so I’m just going to give a little shout out to a pose that I like to do for fun.  I’ve seen it written down as Camatkarasana, but I’ve only ever heard it in class as “wild thing.”  It’s a quirky little pose that doesn’t enjoy the best reputation among some yoga circles, due to it’s “newness.”  And it’s certainly not an easy pose, but there is something about it that I love.  Maybe it’s the phrase “wild thing” and the fact that my favorite children’s book is Where the Wild Things Are.” Maybe it’s the idea of being wild and free.  Perhaps it’s the lifting and opening of the heart.  I’m not sure.  But, I dig it.  So, if you don’t usually put a little wild thing into your practice, go ahead and get wild!  See what it does for you!



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8 Responses to You Are Such a Wild Thing

  1. Thais says:

    I swear you are psychic bc I was just thinking about this pose the other day and how on earth to get into it (prolly should do it in class ;)) but it seems so FUN.

    • theveganasana says:

      I like to go into it from adho mukha svanasana. Start there, lift the left foot, bring it back, bend it, and let it carry you over and then stretch the left arm behind and down. Probably makes more sense to see it 😉

  2. Vicki says:

    As I tell students in class, we don’t do this pose for the “wild thing,” we do it for the “make my heart sing.”

  3. Nancy says:

    taught this to my classes in January I think.. i just needed the back bend and heart opener myself. THEY LOVED IT.

    Thais.. yes… Lorin described it well: start in ddog, then three legged dog –> bend at knee and stack hips (you can even look under the opposite arm pit for your toes 😉 ) then just keep going. Alternatively cross one leg under you during ddog and then just slowly with both feet on the ground roll over.

    make sure you do lots of shoulder prep (it can be hard on them) and hip stuff too. be warm lady.. it’s a big back bend. i go into wheel from there 😉

  4. yvonne says:

    to date, THE scariest thing I have done in class (even falling out of inversions pale in comparison) was dropping from wild thing into full wheel.

    but then I did it and loved it! 🙂

  5. This pose is done a lot in Baptiste power yoga; they refer to it as “flip your dog.” Both names are equally amusing. 🙂

  6. melissa says:

    my teacher calls this the ‘rockstar’ pose! she even often urges us to sing while in it! (which we often do!) she teaches it during our chakra classes – so it’s a big hit for heart & throat chakra. one of my favourites!

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