What a Nice Day!

Today started off a little iffy.  I didn’t sleep well all  night, due to a cold (or allergies) that was giving me a headache and sore throat.  So, when the cat went off this morning at 6, I was not pleased.  After ignoring her for a while, I started to get up, but my great spousal unit, Derek, told me to stay put since I hadn’t slept and he would take care of it.  Yay for getting some sleep.  When I did get up, it was time to start prepping for my final teach practice.  This was my first run-through of the teach with actual students and I was nervous about it.

After we arrived and set up, the victims, er, students started to arrive.  My fellow teacher trainees, Yvonne and Katie, attended.  Maiga, a wonderful instructor and inspiration, was their.  A former university student and now friend and yogi came to practice with us.  And, my daughter, Abbigael, came along for moral support and a dose of yoga.

Though I was really nervous, it went well.  There was a little weirdness with my playlist (it froze up on the first song) that caused some distraction.  But, once that was fixed, it all went fine and was quite enjoyable.  I got great feedback from the attendees, which I’m now working to incorporate into the plan.

After class, we headed home, where another nice treat was awaiting me.  A few days ago, Bob Weisenberg, from Elephant Journal had contacted me about writing a post about YIOM.  When I came home and checked my email, I found that my post was live on the EJ site.  COOL!

Now I’m revising my teach plans, checking  out twitter conversation about the Elephant post, feeling grateful for my yoga friends and family, and considering pizza for dinner.  And, the sun is out and it’s a lovely temperature outside.  Ahhhhhh, nice!   That’s a yoga day!



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