VeganMoFo Wrap-Up – Day 30

Well, I made it through the month posting about veganism or vegan recipes almost every day.  I think I missed 1 day while on a plane 🙂  It was an interesting experience for me.  I’m not sure that what I cook most days is interesting enough to be blogged about, so this project compelled me to think of things to make that were a little more adventurous, which is good.  I’ve also found a number of great blogs to follow myself.  I’ll mention several here in this final VeganMoFo post, along with some of the highlights of their recent efforts (for me).  I’ve limited myself to seven (selected for the number of days in a week!), but there really were MANY more.  I hope that the posts that I have provided this month, as well as some of those I discuss here, prove useful in your journey.

Vegan Good Things – Mess O’Beans and Greens

Vegan Hope – Healthy Tofu Benadict

JL Goes Vegan – Yummy Vegan MoFo Weekend

That Feisty Vegan – We Have Kolaches

The Happy Herbivore – Fat Free Pumpkin Pie

The Quantum Vegan – Pinwheel Cookies

An Opera Singer in the Kitchen – Pan Amasado

Happy vegan eating!


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