Unexpectedly Delicious

Yesterday was not a great day in the kitchen. First, I accidentally microwaved Lilith, my sourdough starter.

Then I somehow managed to get the percentages wrong in the focaccia dough that I was making and it came out veeeery wet.

And I spilled pretty much everything that I touched.

The focaccia didn’t rise as much as I expected and I forgot to oil the pans. But I carried on and finished adding the tomatoes, olives, and rosemary.

And I shoved it in the oven alongside the non-vegan version, where, of course, it took 1.5 times the time I had planned.

But weirdly, in the end, it was delicious.

And Lilith seems to have made it through (thank goodness for discard saving).

So, I am sure not going to give today an A, but if I graded it on a pass/fail basis, I guess it would pass.

Thank goodness for the unexpectedly delicious!

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