Unexpected Inspiration.

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It’s interesting where inspiration comes from sometimes. There are times when you know that something or someone is inspiring. And then there are other times when you don’t really expect it, or you expect it about a different thing than you get.

A week spent with extended family can provide some unexpected inspiration. This week, I found myself inspired by several people, in several different ways.

My step-mother Kathie has been doing some Swedish weaving on monk cloth. It’s very interesting and quite beautiful. And she is good at it, really good. I’m not a bit surprised at this, as she is also quite good at other needle crafts, as well as scrapbooking and card making. Seeing her creations made me feel inspired to begin doing needlework again. I don’t know whether I will, but I’m certainly thinking about it!

My sister Angie is a blogger extraordinaire. Not only are her blogs interesting (check out Many Little Blessings), but also she is helping to support her family and fund vacations with the money she earns from her blogging business. Yes, you read that right. She makes money blogging. Some people’s blogs only suck money away (yes, blog, I’m looking at you). She is quite the savvy business person about it and she knows WAY more about how blogs work than I do (way way way more). I’m feeling the desire to learn a little more, and maybe even monetize my blog work a bit, even if just enough to pay the cost of the sites. Hmmm…

My nephew Noah and I had a couple of great chats about history. He wants to be a historian some day and he knows an impressive amount already. Now, those of you who know me well know that history is not my strongest area. But, talking to Noah about some things has reminded me how interested I was when I studied ancient history, and is making me think that I need to pick up some books about it again.

This is but a sampling of the moments of inspiration that I felt this week. I also was reminded that I am interested in knowing more about photography, would like to deepen my understanding of a variety of technologies, would love to build some furniture, need to make a list of 20 “go-to” meals for family, would like to be a better swimmer, and need to shop for a new bed.

Even if I only pursue one, or none, of the things that I thought about this week, it’s nice to stretch the mind into new areas, or even just consider doing things that are out of the samskaras (grooves, habits) that we all can fall into.

Where has your unexpected inspiration arisen recently?

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