Top Ten Tuesday – Reasons to Be a Vegan

I stole this blog meme from my sister Angie at Many Little Blessings.
My son helped her with her post (I use the word “help” loosely) today, but no one seems to be helping me, so I’m blatantly stealing.

Top Ten Reasons to be a Vegan

  1. Because it makes it easier to look a cow in the eyes.
  2. Soy milk and coconut milk are delicious and less slimy than dairy milk.
  3. When you make breakfast for a crowd, you don’t have to share your tofu scramble with many people.
  4. You feel highly justified getting dessert if there is a vegan option, because it’s “so rare” that you “just have to.”
  5. People will constantly ask if you are vay-gun, making you feel a little bit like a space ranger.
  6. Doctors get flummoxed when they start to break into their cholesterol and food speech.
  7. What counts as vegan is always a lively discussion at parties, because everyone has an opinion.
  8. You get to play “find the honey” on ingredients lists.
  9. When you really don’t want to eat/wear/own something, you can say you aren’t sure if it is vegan.
  10. You don’t have to worry about undercooked meat.
  11. And the major bonus reason is that it’s good for you and the planet!

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