Pickled Beets

The VeganAsana Jr. thought she might like some pickled beets. I think that she doesn’t, but I do, so I made them!

1 bunch beets, cleaned
1-2 cups white vinegar
.5-1 cup sugar
.5-1 tsp salt

Trim and clean beets and place into a roasting pan with a very little olive oil.
Cover with lid or foil and bake at 375* until tender, turning occasionally.
Remove beets from pan and allow to cool.
Skin beets (I do this with my fingers while holding the beets under running water).
Slice into chunks or slices.
Boil vinegar and sugar for 5 minutes, add salt, and pour over beet slices. The amount of vinegar you will need depends on the size of your bunch of beets and the container, so just keep the proportions the same.
Allow to sit in the fridge at least overnight before eating.
Add to sandwiches, salads, or eat with a fork!

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