Peacocks in Motion

So, peacock poses, otherwise known as Pincha Mayurasana and Mayurasana
I fell smack on my head done Pincha today in the center of the room (got a little over excited with the hop). But, I think it’s coming along.
As for Mayurasana, I have to get around the curvy back issue (as always) and get my feet actually into the air.
This cyber girl seems to have it down pat, however.

Peacock poses, someday you will be mine! : )    What are your tips for getting the peacocks in flight?

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2 Responses to Peacocks in Motion

  1. Maria Simone says:

    I have no tips for Pincha – it kills me *every* time. I find that it puts so much pressure on my shoulders, which probably means I’m doing it wrong. And, as hand/head stands in general: ever since I crashed on my bike, I haven’t been able to go up. psychological, I know, but still can’t get my legs over my head…

    Again: the new site looks incredible!

  2. theveganasana says:

    Thanks, Maria 🙂 Pincha is my favorite inversion, but I haven’t figured out how to do it without the wall. I couldn’t get it at all at first until I realized that I needed to stop shrugging and push my arms down so that my shoulders moved away from my ears more. Then it stopped hurting my shoulders as much and I stopped feeling like I might snap my head off. But, middle of the room… just not sure I have enough balance. A lot of psychological stuff in inversions for sure!

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