My inSens – An Incense Lover’s Review

A few weeks ago, we received a complimentary trial package of incense from My inSens. After opening the very luxurious package, much of it disappeared into Ms. VeganAsana Jr.’s room. A young-adult lover of incense, she’s been burning it non-stop since then. What follows is her review, with my additional comments in italics.

Good incense should be more than just a candle replacement. When I light incense, I expect it to change the feeling of a room. And the incense from myInsens does that, and more. Started up in 2011 by Kaivan Dave, each incense aroma is attached to a specific emotion, be it happiness, serenity, or even sensuality. Each scent is relaxing, and a welcome change to my day.

All of the incense burn wonderfully—lasting, on average, about 30 minutes. But the smell lingers even longer. I can testify to this. Even when the incense was burned in G’s room, the upper floor of the house retained the scent for hours. This would make these incense sticks particularly good for studio use, as they could be burned, extinguished, and the scent would linger through a class. The scents are strong enough that, for some of them, I noticed that when my sinuses were particularly grouchy, it wasn’t a good idea for me to be close to the burning stick, but the scent from a distance didn’t bother me and was still pleasant.

Each aroma has a specific colour, to differentiate them from all the others. My personal favourite scent for the samples was myJoy, which is intended to boost positivity and generally make the user more joyful. It has a very pleasing rose-like scent, but one that isn’t too overpowering. Each of them has a certain subtleness that spoke of the high quality. MySensuality had a lovely raspberry undertone that was distinct from the usual incense smell.

But as nice as those smelt, the best “full-body” experience was found the most in myZen. One of the stronger, more traditional smells, it really provided me with a tranquil state of mind during my yoga practice. The scent blends with the atmosphere well, and it was the calmest I had been in a while.

Even the price is good. Though they are certainly more than your average drugstore or health-food store incense, but they do last somewhat longer in burning and definitely longer in smell. I had expected the incense to come at a price as rich as the aroma, but I was surprised. For twenty four incense sticks, it’s only fifteen dollars.

So for incense that smells great, is very reasonably priced, and really targets the points that I expect incense to accomplish? This is a completely fantastic find, and something I’m absolutely sure to buy again.

You can find myInsens at

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