Hey, Hamstrings. It’s Ok; We’re Cool.

Tonight in yoga class, my hamstrings and I reached a little understanding.  I think it was right in the middle of utthita hasta padanghustasana, but I’m not sure. It could have been during handstand prep, or paschimottanasana, or even my excuse for krounchasana. Really, there are many poses that it could have been – poses where I typically engage in a little hamstring hate-it-tude. It’s not that my hamstrings are so tight, but they sure as heck aren’t loose. Most practices, this bugs me a little. I get fussy and sigh at them, which doesn’t seem to help in any way. I glance around the room and see that other people are looking long and lovely and their feet are up near their heads. Then I tell myself to stop grasping and have a little aparigraha. And then I notice that I’m shaking like a leaf in the breeze because my hamstrings hurt, and I sigh again. You get the picture, right? But, tonight, in the middle of one of these episodes, I found myself telling my hamstrings, “It’s ok. Whatever. We’re cool. Just be what you are.” So, I made nice with my hamstring. Will it last? I don’t know. Our relationship is pretty rocky and we have a long history of antagonizing each other, but maybe… And if not, perhaps I’ll try some acupuncture and see if I can get them to see things my way.

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3 Responses to Hey, Hamstrings. It’s Ok; We’re Cool.

  1. erin says:

    LOVE this. My hamstrings stalk my progress and just when they think I am ready to move forward into something bigger or stronger, they lock up and work against me. We need to make peace….

  2. I once tried to make peace with the centipedes who reside in our basement; seriously, I stood down there, talking aloud to them. I accepted their presence, but I urged them to make a pact with me: They could stay down the basement in all their 100-leg glory and I wouldn’t object or kill…as long as they stayed down there and didn’t migrate upstairs. I thought we were cool, until a week or so later I found one upstairs, in my yoga room of all places. It was sacrilege! I hope your deal with your hamstrings goes better than my attempt at peacemaking.

  3. Olivia says:

    My hamstrings are the same. Hate to stretch but my calf muscles will do the rest which I am not happy with. I want my hamstrings to stretch and not look hammy.

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