A Sanskrit/Yoga Word Root Post

I’ve been compiling a little list of root words.  I’ll add to it over the next few weeks.  Let me know if you see something that is off!


adho – downward
anga – limb
angusta – big toe
anna – food
ardha – half
asana – seat, posture
asta – eight
baddha – bound
baka – crow
bhujanga – serpent, cobra
cat / catur – four
chandra – moon
danda – staff
dhanu- bow
dwi – two
eka – one
garuda – eagle
go – cow
hala – plow
hasta – hand
indra/ endra – lord
janu – knee
jathara – stomach
kapota – pigeon
karna – ears
kona – angle
kurma – tortoise
mala – garland
mayura – peacock
mukha – face
mula – root
nava – boat
pada – foot
padma – lotus
parivrtta – crossed/twisted
parsva – side, lateral
pascima / pasci – west, or back
pinca – tailfeather
pranam – bow
prasarita – spread out
pursvo – front of body (or east)
raja – king
salabha – locust
sarvanga – all limbs
sava – corpse
sirsa – head
supta – reclining, supine
surya – sun
svana – dog
tada – mountain
tri – three
urdhva – upward
ustra – camel
utkata – awkward
utt – intense
uttan – stretch
utthita – extended
viparita – inverted
vira – hero
vrksa – tree

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6 Responses to A Sanskrit/Yoga Word Root Post

  1. yvonne says:

    I have some more for you 🙂

    anga – limb
    angusta – big toe
    asta – eight
    cat / catur – four
    indra/ endra – lord
    jathara – stomach
    nama – not you (“namaste”)
    pascima / pasci – west, or back
    pranam – bow
    sarvanga – all limbs
    te – me (“namaste”)
    uttan – stretch

    also, I had “mayura” as peacock

    and, most of the ones in your list look asana-related, but I have whole other flashcards for philosophy-related sanskrit if you’re interested!

    • theveganasana says:

      Nice 🙂
      I had all of the numbers the first time around, but then the interwebz ate my post and I blanked on some of them. I should probably do flashcards too.

    • theveganasana says:

      And right, typo on mayura! Kapota would be pigeon.

  2. Kris says:

    So glad to have found your site, as a fellow yogi and a fellow vegan! This list is great!

  3. CathyJohnson says:

    This will be a huge help. I start a 200Hour training course in December. I will check back often.

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