YIOM – Yogis Inspiring Oneness Month

Note – Now that April is over, YIOM has moved on to become an ongoing network of blogs. You can check out the network and the most recent blogroll at http://yiomsite.com.  See you there!

April is YIOM, or Yogis Inspiring Oneness Month.  In this month long celebration, which we just totally made up, yogis from around the world will post 3 or more blogs per week (with an ultimate goal of one each day) about some aspect of yoga.  Blogs may be about asana, meditation, philosophy, experiences, yoga types, yoga history, Sanskrit scholarship, etc. and can focus on any type or style of yoga.  The goal is to share yoga with one another and with others, to illuminate the full range of yoga possibilities that go far beyond the stereotyped “yoga butt” seeking gym enthusiast to a process of  creating peace, unity, and oneness through the practice.  The only “rules” are that the posts should be yoga related and not be sales posts (i.e. it’s ok if you have google ads on your page, but your blog entries cannot be shilling products you sell) and each post should contain the YIOM logo, and hopefully a link back to this list.

As we move toward April, I’ll be adding some additional YIOM logos to this page (see below for first 2) for use in blog posts, and we’ll be tweeting the plans via the hashtag #YIOM.  Once blogs begin signing up, I’ll keep a list here for easy reference!  To be added to the blogroll, reply to this post, or contact me on Twitter or Facebook or through my blog contact page.  I’ll confirm that your blog is yoga-related and add you to the list below.

So, if you are a yogi and a blogger, join us for YIOM and let’s make a sound of om with our blogs that resonates around the cyber-universe!

YIOM Blogroll

The VeganAsana
Living in the (k)Now
Along For The Flow
Yoga Saves the Day
Vogue Yogini
Yoga for the Long Run
Philosophy Fitness
Flying Yogini
Seva Soule Yoga
Om La La
Yoga Insights and Excites

Yogi Crystal
Imagine Balance
The Curious World of L
Me and Les Girls
Yoga Sutras
Yoga in My School

Musings from the Batcave

Moving Only Forward
Glow Green Girl
Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom
Light on Light on Yoga
Yoga Emergence
Jo Griffith Yoga
Connect to the Sky
On an Inhale

Twitter Names for Participants


Logos for use on blogs – The first two are relatively low res. to avoid slow loading issues.

1. 191×80

2. 143 x 61

3. 210 x 90 (higher PPI)

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