Wondering about YIOM – The Future

YIOM started as a one month long celebration of yoga blogging, in the spirit of NaNoWriMo or VeganMoFo.  However, it’s now the 20th of the month and blogs are still joining.  This makes me wonder if there is a need or desire for a yoga network of sorts.  It would basically be an index of member yoga blogs, with twitter names, RSS feed links, blurbs, etc. that then could be used by anyone looking for a blog and would also help yoga bloggers to find one another and facilitate community posting and exchange of ideas.  Wonderful communal blogs like YogaDork or large-scale yoga information sites like Elephant Journal are similar in some ways, and this would not be intended to replace or supplant those.  It would simply be a network of blogs, connected through the directory and use of the logo, and with the intent to enhance connection.  I’m thinking I could start it as a page on this site and then eventually shift it over to its own.  So, YIOM members or fans, what do you think?

Image by CrystalGinger

We would want to reshuffle the acronym meaning (I think the acronym itself still works) to something else.  I’m not coming up with much creative for it at the moment : )  – Yogis Inviting Oneness Mindfully?  Yogis Investigating Oneness Mindfully?  Yoga Inspired Online Mudra (as in pose, not as in hand gesture)?  Yoga Inspired Online Movement?  Hmmm…

I would love to hear your thoughts!


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