Vegan Half Wheat Pancakes

A while ago, I posted a couple of pancake recipes, including one using Bisquick.  At the time, the mix that I purchased used to be vegan (or said it was). Now, however, the ingredients list indicate a milk derivative, so I would no longer suggest that one.  I’ve gone to the recipe below, primarily, as it is easy and my family likes it.  Note that this makes a relatively thin – but not crepe like – pancake, rather than a thicker “griddle cake” style.

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup white flour
2 T baking powder
2 T raw sugar
2 C soy milk (plain or vanilla)
2 T vanilla (can use less if pure vanilla)

Combine dry ingredients.  Add wet ingredients and stir.  If you allow to sit a few minutes while your griddle/pan heats, the pancakes will be a little fluffier.  Pour and cook.  This recipe makes enough pancakes to feed 4 relatively hungry people.  If you have four teenagers, you might want to double it!

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