Vegan Eggplant "Non-Parmesan"

We’ve had more than our share of eggplant this summer, so I’ve tried to come up with things the kids will eat.  This went over ok with some people, but some of them ate it right up.  So, here goes:

Vegan Eggplant “Non-Parmesan”


1-2 eggplants (medium to large), sliced thinly
2 sleeves of saltines, blended to a fine powder (pretzels or will work)
3 cups flour
4 tsp salt
4 tsp ground pepper
1/2 cup vegan non-parmesan (or regular if you aren’t a vegan)
4 cups soy milk (unsweetened, unflavored or milk if you aren’t a vegan)
1/2 cup white vinegar
olive oil (NOT EVO – it smokes too fast)

(note – depending on how big your eggplants are, you may need to do a second batch of the wet and dry mixes)


Place soymilk in a shallow bowl and add vinegar.  Whisk until the milk thickens.

Place dry ingredients in larger shallow bowl and mix well.

Individually, dip slices of eggplant in the milk mix (both sides) and then press firmly into the dry mix (both sides)

AGAIN, dip in milk mix on both sides and repress in dry mix (yes, you DO want them double coated, believe me)

Cooking can be done in a pan on the stove (coat with olive oil, fry on a medium-high temp) or in the oven (oil a bar pan or cookie sheet, bake at 425*).  Flip tomatoes when bottom is browned and cook on second side.

Pat dry if needed with paper towels before serving.

These are great the next day cold on a sandwich too.  Or, layer in a casserole with marinara sauce (and mozz if desired).

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