So Many Thank Yous

Today, we had our “graduation” ceremony for yoga teacher training (200 hour program). It was wonderful and a little sad to be done, and I have many people to thank for helping me get through this process.

So, let me begin!

Derek – for keeping things together at home, feeding the troops on Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon, listening to me fret and jabber about yoga, giving me the “gift” of teacher training in the first place, only looking bored about 25% of the time that I talked about yoga, and buying me my first Yogawood gift certificate 2 years ago.

Abbigael – for accompanying me to class, being my home cheerleader during the process, and being proud of me (out loud, to her friends, at 16).

Emmeline – for helping out around the house when I wasn’t home (even making a dinner or two) and coloring a mandala for me.

Ben and Nate – for saying “cool” when I told them the story of Ganesh, the myth of Hanuman, and all about arm balances.

Jacob and Devin – for asking me about yoga when they were around and telling me it was great that I was doing training.

Micki and Erik (and Maiga, Kati, Lee, and Vicki) – for being my yoga teacher role models and keeping me on my mat during my own classes.

Maria and Erica – for listening to my never-ending yoga teacher training stories without a hint of annoyance.

Beth and Lisa – for being my rocking, kickass, impressive, inspiring, supportive, hysterical, knowledgeable, and kind YTT instructors.

Yvonne, Christie, Katie, Leslie, Jessica, Mike, and Carrie – for being such a great group of peers, keeping me both entertained and challenged, and never reminding me that I was the old lady of the group (by at least a decade).

Luna, Indy, and Charlie – for covering my yoga pants, mat, towel, assignments, and books in hair, and always being here when I was feeling overwhelmed.

All of the folks I practice with at Yogawood – who are so supportive and such good yoga buds.

Everyone who came to my practice and final teaches – for giving me the opportunity to work on my yoga teaching skills and being so kind when I flubbed it up.

And the readers of this blog – who followed my trials and tribulations during the whole process, made comments, laughed at my jokes, and gave me a little extra oomph to get through the day!

Thank you all so much. I could not have done it without you.


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