A Glimpse of the Possible…

Today started in a typical Wednesday way with a yoga class.  I was a little apprehensive about it, because the usual instructor is on maternity leave and a yogi that I had been in classes with was taking over.  I knew he was very strong and flexible from observing him in class (yep, when I’m supposed to be paying attention only to me), so I wasn’t sure that I would be able to catch up.  I’ve also been a little off lately physically, with a buggered up knee/foot and some extra fatigue.  But, I pushed aside my excuses (barely) and … Continue reading

Yoga Rules

Those of you that know me well know that I am a rule follower.  But, I’m an odd rule follower…  I tend to follow the “meta-rules” and not the specific “do this” sort.  So, for appearance, I follow the “Be true to yourself” rule, but then don’t follow the “women should have nice pretty hair” rule.  Today, I’ve decided to talk about yoga rules, and why yoga rules. From the outside, it may seem like yoga is full of rules.  And certainly, you will find that individual classes or studios may have specific rules (wear a shirt, no shoes inside, … Continue reading


This little blog is my attempt to contribute to the world of information about veganism, raw food, and yoga, by sharing my personal struggles and successes.  I also hope to use this space as a  bibliography of excellent works in these areas (including other blogs, websites, books, etc.) for additional or more scholarly reading.  In truth, I’m doing this much for myself at the moment, as I work through healthy life and the correspondent challenges.  But,  I do hope that somehow I can help others in their own paths. Namaste