My Thanksgiving Menu – VeganMoFo 25

A good time was had by all, and I may never be hungry again.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I’ll probably be hungry again before midnight!

We had:

Spinach dips with breads (vegan)
Veggie tray with ranch
Relish tray (vegan)
Cranberry relish (vegan)
Crackers and cheese
Deviled eggs (by MIL)
Fruit salad (by MIL)
Vegan dressing
Regular dressing
Tofurkey (vegan)
Homemade egg noodles
Mashed potatoes (vegan)
Gravy (vegan & not)
Broccoli (vegan)
Green beans (vegan)
Rolls (vegan)
Cookies (by BILs)
Cupcakes (from BILs)
Zucchini and pumpkin bread (by BILs)
Brownies (vegan)
Pumpkin pie (not vegan)
Apple pie (not vegan)
Pecan pie (vegan)
Pumpkin pie (vegan)

I think that’s it.  It was a LOT of food!  My fridge is way full, even after leftovers went home with guests.  The vegan food mostly came out good this year.  The dressing needed a little more liquid this time, the pecan pie was ok but not stellar, and the vegan pumpkin pie was a horrifying gelatinous mess that I refused to actually let the guests taste and then threw away.  But, I don’t think anyone went home hungry.  The big winner in the desert category was brownies made from this recipe. I did not make any substitutions, but didn’t add the optional chocolate chips or nuts.  They were quite moist, but not overly heavy.  At least one small guest had three, so I knew they were a keeper!

Hope you all had a lovely day.  If anyone wants a specific recipe, let me know!


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