In Honor of a Woman Who Gave Me Love, and Peace, and Happiness

Many things in life can bring peace and calm.  Sometimes it’s yoga.  Sometimes it’s diet.  Sometimes it’s a quiet song or a good book.  And sometimes it is a person.  One such person in my life was my grandmother, for whom I carry my name.  She was a wonderful woman who loved her family fiercely for 90 years.  I will miss her tremendously.

My Grandma – My Light

Lite Brite
Not allowed at home
You didn’t care if it had a thousand tiny pieces
On your living room rug
Endless games of 500
You wouldn’t let me win and I got better
I learned how to lose
Watching scary movies
Channel 4 late at night between my fingers
Tucked in a soft quilt
That smelled like you
Eating goulash and the salad you snuck me
Shhh! We’ll cut it up tiny
Coffee mostly milk and sugar
Cheese sandwich on white bread with mayo
Be careful now!
Stay on the sidewalk
If you run out in the street and get hit by a car
I’ll paddle your behind
You stayed in the house
With an angry mom to keep me from spanking
Sit on the front porch
Playing jacks and reading
Talking about anything I wanted to say
My first art book
Horses (of course)
Every drawing a masterpiece to you
Later my first “love”
You never met him
But if I picked him you were sure he was ok
You were sure I was ok
Always with a hug
I sat at your feet though a full grown woman
My head in your lap
Hand on my hair
Soft touch soft words giving me peace and love
And guidance
Now and always
Bright light

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