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Laughing Dog by Meteo

A decade ago, I was sitting in my sunroom with a group of friends including the very wonderful Lori Gibbs. At the time, Lori was not the amazing comedienne that she is today. We were telling each other stories and laughing until we had stitches in our sides, and Lori began trying to convince me that I needed to try doing stand-up comedy. My reply to her was that I don’t know how to be funny on demand. My funny has to spring out at me like a kitten under the bed.

It’s still true today, and I notice it quite a bit when I blog. There are some hilarious bloggers out there. I love a funny blog. Slightly smarty pantsy, sarcastic, punny – yep, they ring my bells. I think it’s great that people can do that, and it’s certainly a popular kind of blog to read. Sometimes, I feel bad that I can’t write that sort of blog. But… I just can’t do it.

So, you know how some people have shy bladder and they can’t pee if someone else is in the room? I have shy humor. If no one is waiting for me to be funny, I can be (I even got a high five at the dinner table this week from a 17 year old boy, which I feel confident is the apex of humor approval). I can, and do, whip out a joke during a meeting to introduce a little levity and relieve some stress. I love to make people laugh. But, if everyone is looking at me, waiting for me to be funny… nuttin, honey.

I hope you’ll still love me anyway, and I promise to spring my humor at you in the least expected (and/or appropriate) moments of the blog. Hey, what’s orange and sounds like a parrot?  A carrot!


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