Casual Yoga

At the moment, I’m vacationing in Indiana to see family.  Over the course of the last few days, my 20-year-old has coined the phrase “casual yoga” to describe the stretches or folds that I tend to go into when I’m sitting on the floor or just standing around for a long time.  He uses it to tease me “oh, just doing a little casual yoga again, Mom?”  He’s a smarty pants.  I think he views it as odd or even overly yogi-like, but I really barely even know that I’m doing it unless someone calls my attention to it.

Yoga asana has become enough of a part of my life that it is how my muscles remember to behave.  When I sit on the floor, half lotus is a comfortable position.  If my back is a little stiff, I’ll fold into a forward fold (not at a meeting or anything, but just hanging around the house).  If I’m standing for a long period, one leg will occasionally creep up onto the other ankle and I’ll barely see that it has.  The really nice part about this is that it means I end up getting in a little stretching on days when life is making it hard to get to a class.  The disadvantage, I suppose, is that I apparently look a little odd.  But, that’s really never stopped me before!

Do you find yourself sliding into yoga poses without even noticing?  Are you a victim of “casual yoga?”

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12 Responses to Casual Yoga

  1. Yes, all the time!! Home… work… at a pub when I have to stand haha! I guess I just do what the body feels like doing, and if that’s similar to a yoga pose, well then, so be it! I’m sure it looks a little odd to some, but it doesn’t bother me. 🙂 I like the term though, probably going to use that one!

  2. I’m always in casual yoga when visiting my parents or family. My relatives gather everyone into the living room to sit down, and I always opt for the floor instead of the couch or a chair. My grandmom doesn’t understand why I choose to sit on the floor when there’s a perfectly cushy couch right there, but within minutes I’m casual dandasana or hero poses. Also, I’m pretty sure I unconsciously do casual yoga when standing in my boss’ office, but I think she’s used to my weird stretches and moves by now!

  3. Yes! I’m so relieved to hear that others do this! Since I was a little kid, whenever I get bored I go into Tree Pose– waiting in line, talking to someone uninteresting or washing dishes. My foot always just sneaks up there, without me noticing. I never knew it was an actual yoga posture until I was in my 20s! Thanks for the lovely blog!

    • theveganasana says:

      Lisa, thank you for reading and commenting. I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog, and happy to know that I’m not the only casual tree 😉

  4. Thais says:

    there is definitely nothing wrong with some casual yoga. now if only my coworkers could understand… LOL

    • theveganasana says:

      😀 I know mine don’t. I try to keep it relatively under control at work, but there is always some reverse prayer or gomukhasana arms when I’m walking back and forth to the ladies room.

  5. Olivia says:

    Yes, I find myself standing in a tree pose too! Or just sitting in a lotus position then folding over when I am tired. Better to have a yoga habit than a bad habit.

  6. zen4tune says:

    YES, people call me a habitual stretcher. As if I do it out of habit, all the time. My body needs it 🙂

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