Bein’ a New Vegan

keep-calm-and-vegan-onOne of Miss TheVeganAsana Junior’s friends has recently made the vegan transition, but is finding it challenging to come up with meals. And, I certainly understand that, because it wasn’t easy for me and I had been cooking for many years. So, I promised him that I would write up a set of daily menus in a post for him.

And, here it is! All of these meals utilize things that are readily available at “regular” grocery stores or in your pantry. Where a recipe is needed, I’ve added it at the end of the day, or linked to it.


Breakfast: Vegan “fauxgurt” (food process or blend a banana, 2 cups of frozen fruit including 4-5 chunks of pineapple, ¼ cup of soy milk). Top with ½ handful of blueberries, ½ handful raw almonds, ½ handful granola.

Lunch: Large salad with romaine, arugula, red peppers, celery, tomato, carrots, garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds, and your choice of dressing. Whole wheat or pumpernickel roll or bread on the side.

Dinner: Fettuccine tossed with chopped fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil, and sea salt. Sprinkle with nutritional yeast if desired. Sliced and baked zucchini and summer squash. Side salad as desired.

(Prep Tofu Not-Jerky for the next day)


Breakfast: Whole wheat toast with peanut butter spread and sliced bananas.

Lunch: Raw spinach salad with sliced tomatoes, strips of tofu not-jerky, Bac-os (if desired), red pepper slices, and balsamic vinaigrette. Rye roll or toast.

Dinner: Navy bean soup, with fresh French or Italian bread.

(prep sesame noodles for the next day)


Breakfast: Oatmeal or cheerios with sliced nectarines, almonds, and soy milk.

Lunch: Sesame noodles with edamame. Freshed sliced tomatoes.

Dinner: Black beans and couscous. Fruit or a salad on the side.


Breakfast: Vegan fauxgurt with toppings (see Monday)

Lunch: Whole wheat wrap filled with leftover black beans, raw spinach, diced tomatoes, and vegan sour cream.  Mango slices.

Dinner: Cheesy Zucchini Pasta Bake (can be made without TVP or with a substitute of navy or pinto beans) and side salad.


Breakfast: Toasted bagel topped with peanut butter, bananas, and maple syrup.

Lunch: Leftover cheesy zucchini pasta bake, bean soup, or black bean wrap.

Dinner: Uncrabby patties, green beans sautéed with onions and olive oil, apple slices with cinnamon sprinkles.


Breakfast: Elvis style vegan pancakes!

Lunch: Scrounge around in the fridge for leftovers from prior meals and nosh, or make a big green salad with tofu jerky strips, sundried tomatoes, and sunflower seeds.

Dinner: Flash Fire Nachos (use canned pinto or kidney beans for a faster process).


Breakfast: Bagel and faux cream cheese. Fruit of choice.

Lunch: Leftover “refried” beans wrapped in a flour tortilla with diced tomato, lettuce, and vegan sour cream. Tortilla chips and salsa.

Dinner: Pizza (Papa John’s Garden Delight without the cheese is vegan and yummy) night!

I hope this is useful to anyone trying to take this step and working to figure out some relatively easy meals to eat, without spending a fortune on prepared food (looking at you, Zach). Also, check out Tips for Making the Vegan Transition, Feeding the New Vegan, and Top Ten Reasons Not to Worry about Protein in a Vegan Diet.

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