Aparigraha Playlist

For my final teach in YTT, my theme was aparigraha. So, the playlist revolved around the idea of grasping/coveting. The first half(ish) was about how it leads to suffering and the second half was about the decrease in suffering as we let go. By request, here is what was on it.

  • Man of Constant Sorrow (Instrumental)
  • Charlie Darwin (Low Anthem)
  • Where the Streets Have No Name (Earl Pickens and Family)
  • Ill With Want (The Avett Brothers)
  • Everybody Hurts (REM)
  • Timshel (Mumford & Sons)
  • When My Time Comes (Dawes)
  • Hang On (Dr. Dog)
  • Carries On (Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros)
  • Across the Universe (The Beatles)
  • Let It Grow (Eric Clapton)
  • What Light (Wilco)
  • Life is Wonderful (Jason Mraz)
  • Quiet (Paul Simon)
  • Be Here Now (Ray Lamontagne)
  • Om Mani Padme Hum (Jane Winther)
  • Watermark (Enya)

So, for what it’s worth, there it is!



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