UnKrabby Patties

My family has always like tuna patties, aka Krabby Patties. But when several of us went vegan, I knew we needed a substitute. After a lot of tinkering, this is what I ended up with.

UnKrabby Patties

1 container extra firm tofu, mashed
1 can garbanzo beans, blended or mashed
1.5 sleeve crushed saltines
2 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp dulse (seaweed) flakes
salt and pepper to taste
olive oil

Mix all ingredients.  Add salt and pepper and knead until dispersed.  Form into patties.  Slightly oil a baking pan and place patties on pan in 350* oven.  Turn when browned.  Serve with or without buns!

Chickpea Nuggets – An Easy Vegan Snack

Baked chickpea nuggets

Baked chickpea nuggets

The VeganAsana Jr. left for college last week.

When I say left, I mean she moved into the dorm of a college 30 minutes from home and 5 from my office. So, she’s not far, but she is now eating dorm food. Of course, that presents some challenges for a vegan.

Wednesday, she was remarking that she will need to do a better job with protein. So, we had a conversation about protein snacks (like nuts). This morning, I thought that, before the weekend, I would whip her up an easy quick snack that I could drop off. And here it is!

Chickpea nugget prepIngredients

3 cups cooked chickpeas/garbanzos
1-2 T hot sauce of your choice
1/2 tsp of Bragg’s amino or soy sauce
2 T olive oil
Sea salt and nutritional yeast to taste


IMG_0957webDrain and rinse beans if canned. Toss with all the wet ingredients. Spread on a baking pan or stone. Sprinkle with sea salt and nutritional yeast. Bake at 350* until beans start to dry out and crack.

Cool to room temp and snack!