A Vegan Idiot Abroad – The VeganAsana in China


I recently had the opportunity to travel to China for my day job. Before the trip, I wasn’t sure what the situation would be like for me, in terms of diet. Now, with the amazing ability of hindsight, I realize the things I could have done ahead of time to help myself (that I didn’t do). So, I am sharing that knowledge with you! My trip took me to Beijing, Nanyang, Zhoukou, and Zhengzhou, so other than Beijing, I was in Henan Province. Food practices in China, as in every country, vary by locale, so some of my experiences will … Continue reading

Vegan Corned No-Beef


Corned beef was not something I anticipated missing as a vegan. I was never a huge fan of corned beef and cabbage (too much fat – gross) or corned beef sandwiches. But, BUT, I forgot about Reubens. I loved Reubens. I’m not sure it was ever really about the corned beef, but the combination of salty chewy with creamy savory and the bit of sauerkraut plus toasted bread … yes, please. So, I didn’t go looking for a way to replicate corned beef until I had a Radical Reuben at the Chicago Diner (if you are in Chicago, GO, GO … Continue reading

Asanacation One Year Anniversary


I realized a few days ago that it has basically been a year since my asana practice fell apart. I’ve maintained a practice of yoga in terms of learning, pranayama, and meditation, but asana has been rare. I don’t know exactly how I do/should feel about it, and I’m not sure where I’m going from here. There are many reasons for the change, but mostly it comes back to health. A surgical procedure in October of 2013 went wrong, causing problems that built up over late 2013 into the first months of 2014. By April, I was miserable. Getting through … Continue reading