I’ve Moved!

the getaway

Well, The VeganAsana has. Due to some horrifying CS from the previous host site (iPage), I’ve migrated this site to SiteGround. They made it very very easy to do the switch and have thus far answered every annoying question in less than half an hour from my opening the ticket to response. That’s just crazy! So far, so great. Let me know if you see issues on your end, reader. Namaste, L

A Vegan Idiot Abroad – The VeganAsana in China


I recently had the opportunity to travel to China for my day job. Before the trip, I wasn’t sure what the situation would be like for me, in terms of diet. Now, with the amazing ability of hindsight, I realize the things I could have done ahead of time to help myself (that I didn’t do). So, I am sharing that knowledge with you! My trip took me to Beijing, Nanyang, Zhoukou, and Zhengzhou, so other than Beijing, I was in Henan Province. Food practices in China, as in every country, vary by locale, so some of my experiences will … Continue reading

Vegan Corned No-Beef


Corned beef was not something I anticipated missing as a vegan. I was never a huge fan of corned beef and cabbage (too much fat – gross) or corned beef sandwiches. But, BUT, I forgot about Reubens. I loved Reubens. I’m not sure it was ever really about the corned beef, but the combination of salty chewy with creamy savory and the bit of sauerkraut plus toasted bread … yes, please. So, I didn’t go looking for a way to replicate corned beef until I had a Radical Reuben at the Chicago Diner (if you are in Chicago, GO, GO … Continue reading