UnKrabby Patties

My family has always like tuna patties, aka Krabby Patties. But when several of us went vegan, I knew we needed a substitute. After a lot of tinkering, this is what I ended up with. UnKrabby Patties 1 container extra firm tofu, mashed1 can garbanzo beans, blended or mashed1.5 sleeve crushed saltines 2 tsp soy sauce2 tsp dulse (seaweed) flakessalt and pepper to tasteolive oil Mix all ingredients.  Add salt and pepper and knead until dispersed.  Form into patties.  Slightly oil a baking pan and place patties on pan in 350* oven.  Turn when browned.  Serve with or without buns!

Basic Sourdough Boules

My technique is improving bit by bit! This is a fairly low hydration bread at just under 70%, so it’s moderately easy to work with the dough. Morning – Make Levain Mix: 40g bread flour40g whole wheat flour81g water8g flour Leave the levain at room temp for about 10 hours OR just use 169g of active starter near top of cycle Early Evening – Start Dough Mix to autolyse:766g bread flour161g whole wheat flour635g water 169g levain (see above) Then cover and set aside. 20-30 minutes later mix in:19g salt< 50g water Don’t add more water than it can take. You … Continue reading

Sourdough Starter

As you all know, I’m raising a sourdough starter, or – as someone said on Facebook – a Tomogotchi for middle aged women. Her name is Lilith, aka Lil’ Yeasty. If you are interested in making your own, there are many many sites that will advise you. But, if you are here and I am here, well, here you go. What you’ll need: Rye or whole wheat flour All purpose flourNon-chlorinated water2-3 large-mouthed glass containers (.75 liter or larger – I like the ones by Weck)Something to stir with that is not metalA kitchen scaleA rubber band or dry erase … Continue reading