Sloppy Lennys and Coleslaw – A Vegan Yum

Do you remember sloppy joes? Did you mom make them, as mine did, or do you remember them from school lunch? I loved the sauce on my mother’s sloppy joes, though even then I didn’t like the texture or idea of the beef. Now, I can have the sauce yum without the meat gag. For a rainy Memorial Day lunch, we cooked up some Sloppy Lennys and made a crunchy vegan coleslaw to go with it, along with chips and fruit. Delicious! Sloppy Lennys Ingredients 1 lb dry lentils Water or broth to cook lentils 2 T olive oil 1 … Continue reading

Life Takes Over!

So, dear readers, as you can tell, I have fallen WAY behind. This is a factor of a change in jobs last summer that keeps me even busier (didn’t think it was possible), living away from my family 4+ days a week (so not cooking), and sheer exhaustion. However, I have been fairly active on Instagram and Twitter, so if you aren’t already following me there, you can (TheVeganAsana on both). In yoga news, I’m still trying to practice 5-6 days a week, though often for a somewhat shorter time period. I struggled with trying to move my practice to … Continue reading

Easy Vegan “Thin Mints”

Ah Girl Scout cookie season! Though many of those delicious little buggers are indeed vegan, they increase in price every year. If you want a cheaper and more accessible alternative, look no further than this easy peasy recipe! There are no specific measurements because it’s just about throwing ingredients together, it’s super simple. Ingredients Vegan chocolate chips (or bar form is fine, just cut the bar smaller) Few drops of Peppermint extract Round crackers (we love Ritz) Optional: coconut oil Directions Melt the chocolate chips with a double boiler method, I like adding coconut oil to make the process easier … Continue reading