Mala of the Heart – Book Review


New World Library recently contacted me to see if I would review the book Mala of the Heart for TheVeganAsana. Always happy to read something new, I agreed. Utilizing the idea of 108 beads on a mala (which itself comes from the significance of that number in a variety of domains), this book contains 108 poems or excerpts from poems that speak to issues of awakening, enlightenment, and peace. The poems are organized to correlate with the seven chakras of the body. Most poetry featured in this text is from the period prior to the 20th century. Rumi’s poetry is featured most … Continue reading

Relearning What I Know

Things I know about me and yoga: I will feel  better physically if I practice 5 days a week I will feel better mentally if I practice 5 days a week I will look better if I practice 5 days a week I will fit in my clothes better if I practice 5 days a week Things that are getting in the way of that: Too much on the work plate New kitten that needs to be snuggled Embarassment over how bad my belly looks now Shame over how much I’ve let the practice suffer Pain The rational response to … Continue reading

Vegan Eats on a Dime (or a Dollar)

Sometimes, budget can seem like a big deterrent to eating nutritious food. And, it’s true that there are rarely amazing sales, loss leaders, and coupons for fresh nutritious food. But, it is not true that eating vegan, being healthy, and maintaining a budget friendly diet are incompatible. In our house, food and beverage budget per person is about $35 a week, and that’s not being nearly as careful as I could be. With a little more attention to it, and a few less pizza meals, it would be no problem to pair that back to $25 a week per person, which is less … Continue reading