Vegan Enchilada Casserole

It’s just a few days after Christmas and we are finally running out of leftovers. Tonight we had a guest for dinner, so it was time to do something more than recycle (though I did make a big pan of a non-vegan item yesterday). So, with the knowledge that we had recently had Chinese, “American,” and Italian, but that a guest seemed to call for a little more than nachos, I decided on enchilada casseroles. As we have a mixed diet family, we actually made two of these. One contained dairy cheese and other non-vegan things. But, the vegan version contained: … Continue reading

Shopping for Vegan Yogis on Your List

So, you are shopping for a vegan, or a yogi, or a vegan yogi, and you are at a loss. I’ve got a few ideas that might help. I tried to list things from various price ranges, and only listed things that I personally own. I’ll attempt to pop back in and add more as I think of them. Items that were sent to me to review are so noted, but most of these were purchased at list price. Yogi Surprise Boxes This company sent me their surprise boxes to review and I was impressed with how adorable they are, … Continue reading

Chipotle Pepper Sofritas Recipe


So, there is a national chain that has some pretty delicious sofritas. We like them wrapped in a burrito, in a bowl, or on a salad. The name of the chain rhymes with, um, “a goat lay,” I guess. Anyway, the sofritas are quite delicious. Since they state on their website what is in the sofritas, it was pretty easy to experiment with making them! And, I did. I might add a little more onion and/or garlic next time, because Ms. VeganAsana Jr.2 thought it needed a little something else. This recipe makes quite a bit, so you can half … Continue reading