Home or Studio – What is the Best Location for Practice?

When I first started yoga, I had little time or inclination to try to find a studio.  Like many people, I started with a DVD (AM yoga by Rodney Yee – I highly recommend it for a first try).  After a while of doing one DVD and then gradually adding a few more, I found yogatoday.com online.  At that time, yogatoday was offering a 1 hour free streaming class every day – what a deal!  I still didn’t look into studio classes, even after a yoga studio opened up a mile from my house (Yogawood in Collingswood, NJ).  In fact, … Continue reading

Vegan shoes – WTF?

I’m sure it’s me, because I haven’t heard anyone else complaining about it recently, but what is the problem with shoe manufacturers that they don’t want to branch out into non-animal materials.  Sure, there are a few companies that do, but they tend to be the granola clunky shoes (like earth shoes) or beach shoes (like crocs and flip flops).  Once you start adding other needs to the shoe shopping, the choices become fewer and fewer.  Currently, I’m trying to find dress shoes with a little bit of a heel for work, vegan, size 8, without a pointy toe.  HAHAHAHA. … Continue reading

It’s Viral… and I Don’t Mean Media

Last Wednesday evening, I went to bed with a stomach ache.  After tossing and turning for several hours, the fun got started around 2 a.m.  From that point on, I proceeded to be violently ill throughout all of Thursday.  I couldn’t keep any food down, very little liquid, and my head pounded furiously.  It was ugly.  There was even some toddler like crying (and that was just the DH trying to deal with me…).  Friday, I felt somewhat better, but still wasn’t really up to eating and I did a lot of napping throughout the day.  Saturday and today, I’ve … Continue reading