Home Practice is Difficult

I have an admission to make.  I didn’t do a “real” home practice this week.  Sure, I did 10 minutes of seated meditation here and there.  I almost always do some seated stretches and standing folds at some point in the day.  And, I usually end the day with a little pre-bed asana.  But, I didn’t get to a dedicated full-on home practice. So, what is the problem?  What is in my way?  I suspect that the things that get in my way are not unique to me, so perhaps a little reflection on what the blockages are is in … Continue reading

Yoga and Unexpected “Ahhhhh”

It’s Wednesday morning, but I’m writing about Monday night.  Why?  Because it was great – really great. Of course all my classes are pretty great, but this one had something special going on.  It left me feeling both completely relaxed and totally invigorated! So, after class, I jotted down some notes about what I thought was making the difference and have expanded upon them here. The circumstances of the class didn’t necessarily bode well for me.  Evening is not my best time for yoga.  I’m a morning person (more or less) and by 7:30, I’m almost ready for bed.  I … Continue reading