It's Not Just a Body Thing

Starting last week, on Friday, I’ve been “off” of my yoga routine.  There were a variety of reasons.  Friday my schedule was busy and it didn’t seem like there was time for me to do something self-focused.  Saturday, I took my daughter shopping and by the time I got back, I was in too much pain to do a vigorous practice, and a calm practice seemed wasteful of time when there was so much to do.  Sunday, I was feeling quite ill and had a university function to attend.  So, it’s been days since I’ve done yoga, and boy do … Continue reading

Ruminations (Rheuminations?) on Chronic Pain, Yoga, and Raw Foodism

The last week has been more than a little challenging physically, and it has me thinking about the ways in which chronic pain, being a yogi, and attempting a raw food diet interact.  As with most thing (oh, that middle path), there are challenges and benefits to yoga and raw foodism for individuals with chronic pain.  In this post, I consider my own experiences and link to some research and information about these connections. Being an individual with a chronic pain condition makes yoga more of a challenge, in some ways, but also provides immense opportunities for benefit.  When I … Continue reading

In Praise of Learning in Sanskrit

When I first started yoga, I carefully selected tapes and streams where the instructor used little to no Sanskrit terms.  My thought process here was: Why would I want to try learning another language when I’m already busy trying to put my heart on my shin? (still has not happened).  Over time, I learned many poses, in English, and a few poses and concepts in Sanskrit.  Now, here comes the complication.  As I’m a little more advanced – a little – and take a wider variety of classes now, I find that different instructors use different amounts of Sanskrit.  Some … Continue reading