Pain and Growth

Pain hurts.  Wow, that’s obvious, huh?  I know I’ve posted about this topic before in terms of physical pain and the value of  yoga and veganism in managing pain, but lately I’ve been pondering the ways in which mental/emotional pain can bring something to our lives that may be positive – even though it doesn’t feel that way at the time. The last few weeks have been a psychological challenge in my life.  I’m having major home remodeling done – always a stressful thing.  I’m participating in a job search (as a candidate).  And, a member of my immediate family … Continue reading

She Has a Lot of Muscle!: Why My Mom Does Yoga and What is Good and Not-So-Good About That – by Emmeline (age 9)

I had planned to blog about contentment today, but I find that I need to work on my own contentment a little before I talk to others about it.  So, instead, I asked a guest blogger to fill in…. My mom does yoga daily so she has lots of muscle! I think yoga is a good way to exercise because you use lower and upper body stengh. I also do yoga sometimes with my mom when she lets me. As I was saying was that its good exrasize and you get stronger and heathier! A bad thing is if you … Continue reading

Yes, I do have a Diet. No, I am not Dieting.

To steal an opening from 82% of my public speaking students: Webster’s Dictionary (or Wikipedia) defines diet as “food and drink regularly provided or consumed.”  So, this means that however you eat, whatever your patterns are, that is your diet.  If you mostly eat orange food from a box/bag/carton/jar (kraft mac n’ cheese, cheetos, oj, cheese whiz, queso dip, doritos) then you have an orange diet.  If you primarily eat fruits and vegetables in their natural form, then you have a raw food diet.  If you do not eat any animal products, you have a vegan diet, and so on. … Continue reading