Building Yoga Community through Blogging

It’s April, which means that it is time for YIOM (Yogis Inspiring -and inspired by – Oneness Month).  During this month-long celebration of the online yoga community, a group of yoga bloggers have agreed to attempt to blog each day about some aspects of yoga.  The blogs will all vary.  Some will be about an asana that struck a chord that day.  Some will address the philosophy, history, current issues of yoga.  Some may focus on meditation.  Various yoga types will also be represented.  The overriding goal is to share yoga with one another and with others, to illuminate the beauty of how yoga practice aids us in creating peace, unity, and oneness.

In Buddhist practice, a sangha is the sacred community of ordained (or pre-ordained) monks and nuns.  Being in a sangha helps members to be supported in their practice, grow their practice through interaction with like-minded others, contribute to the process for other members, and also provide a resource for those outside to the community to gain information about Buddhism.  Similarly, a yoga community or yoga sangha provides for its members informational, social, pragmatic, and emotional support.  It provides practitioners with a “home base” from which they can branch out into yoga in a variety of paths that feel new, always retaining that connection back to the stability of the group.

Yoga sanghas may be created through personal relationships with others who practice, through a shared yoga studio or gym (maybe the most common), through a connection to a guru, etc.  And now, with the vast array of social media available to us, we can more easily create and maintain a sense of community with a wide variety of people around the world.  It is my hope that YIOM helps us to do just that, as it also provides a lot of wonderful food for thought, information, inspiration, laughter, and enjoyment along the way.

You can learn more about, but I’ve also added the blogroll below for easy access!



YIOM Blogroll

The VeganAsana
Living in the (k)Now
Along For The Flow
Yoga Saves the Day
Vogue Yogini
Yoga for the Long Run
Philosophy Fitness
Flying Yogini
Seva Soule Yoga
Om La La
Yoga Insights and Excites

Yogi Crystal
Imagine Balance
The Curious World of L
Me and Les Girls
Yoga Sutras
Yoga in My School

Musings from the Batcave

Moving Only Forward
Glow Green Girl
Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom
Light on Light on Yoga
Yoga Emergence
Jo Griffith Yoga

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